Camp Cooking
Camp Cooking always tastes better

Who doesn’t love camp cooking?

Let’s get something to eat!   Food always tastes better when eaten outdoors, and cooked over a campfire is even better.  Whether you are camping in a campground from the trunk of your car, in an RV, at a basecamp of some kind, or far off the beaten trail with just your backpack, we all need food and water.  You may be at the beach or out for a day hike to an incredible lookout location, food is still a great way to connect people, and make our adventures more pleasant. Camp cooking rocks!

Cooking at Camp
Camp Pizza

Keeping Camp Cooking Simple.

Over the decades of my camping life so far, I’ve had a wide variety of camping scenarios. These camps vary where the number of diners may shift from just me to a group of 15. They include youngsters and adults alike. Some of us have no problem eating just about anything. Others of us have food allergies and intolerances that limit our selection. There are also choices we make in food lifestyles, such as Vegan, Keto, and a full range of other variations. I will make all efforts to include options in the camp cooking recipes and ideas I share.

My main goal, however, is to keep camp food simple. I want it to be easy to make while at camp, and easy to clean up. Who wants to spend all day cooking and cleaning just to get completed and it’s time to start the next meal? Certainly not the way I want to spend my day at camp. I’d rather be fishing, exploring, or just hanging in the hammock to read.

Traditional Campfire Treats
Traditional Campfire Treats

Make it your way.

As mentioned above there are many food lifestyles we live with. I’ve shared a few camp food ideas to get us started. I eat gluten-free, as well as sulphites and other food sensitivities. I will make these recipes adaptable wherever possible so you can “Make Camp Cooking Your Way.” I want to see more people get outside, sharing ideas on how to simplify that is my objective.

Base Camp Cooking
You’ll Always Need Clean Water

Come Along With Me!

Come along with me as we begin our journey with camp cooking. You might choose a Coleman stove, cast iron pan, or ultra-light stove. Whatever suits you is how I roll. You can find videos of all of my recipes on Mama Bear’s Backpack on YouTube. You can find more of my food and trip images on Instagram, and you can Join my Facebook Group as well.


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