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Hi there!  I am Karen.  Through the years I’ve been affectionately called Mama Bear.  I am the owner, creator and author of Mama Bear’s Backpack. www.mamabearsbackpack.ca, as well as Mama Bear’s Backpack on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/c/MamaBearsBackpack.  

As Mama Bear I am often out playing in the woods in one way or another. Which means, you can find often me backpacking, hiking, harvesting wild edibles, or out on any adventure I can find.  Initially, I either was digging clay and picking wild strawberries in the undeveloped land not far from my childhood home.  Following as a young adult I spent time camping in a tent or RV.  Most recently, I’ve been seen at a trail head throwing a pack on and hiking or canoeing into the backcountry.

Enjoying Time Outdoors

Enjoying Time Outdoors

Meanwhile, being a 50-something-year-old divorced mom of 3 young adults and Mama Bear to a dozen others, I’ve taken several, various groups camping, hiking, or backcountry camping with me over the years.  The way I see it, we need to do everything we can to keep the younger generations actively spending time in our wilderness areas.  Resulting from that, it will encourage them to continue to protect it.

My Love of Trees

My Love of Trees

My Love of Trees

A lot of people are drawn to the water, lakes, beaches, fishing, boating, water skiing and all those cool things.  But for me, It’s Trees!  I can’t deny it.  I have to be out in the trees.  It recharges my battery.  I get such a psychological re-balancing from being surrounded by the site, smell, and sound of the trees.

Snail Shell in Pine Needles

I think I’ll just curl up here for a while.

You may find me mesmerized by a leaf caught in a spiders web, or a snail on the ground.   I can be paused by the texture of the bark of any tree.  Oh, How I love the unmistakable fragrance of a cedar, or pine needles covering the forest floor.  The wind through the branches and the birds singing, and everything else is silent.  Ahh,this is Heaven on Earth.

What brings me here.

Over the decades of being out in the trees, I have learned a few things.  I always have something to teach or share with the people in the group.  Being a single mom for almost 10 years, the group dynamics have shifted about a few times, but there is always something we learn from each other along the way. Whether it has been wet matches, no newspapers left, wind, cold, bugs, toddlers, teenagers, staggering long weekend celebrants, forgotten items, we figure it out.   Yeah, whatever the adversity, I’ve likely seen a lot of it. (except critical injuries, and I am not inviting that.)

Camp Cooking

Delicious Chops Over a Campfire

Come along with me.  I now invite you to grab a seat as I recall some fond memories, and share what I have learned?  My blog will cover everything from packing gear for adults, infants, and toddlers in a tent or RV to several days of food and gear into our backpacks for a hike.  Apparently, I love to share my stories and lessons learned. You can bet I will be sharing food.

Feel free to ask any question in the comment section.  I would be more than happy to reply and find an answer if I don’t know.

Come on!  I wanna go play in the woods!


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