So, you’re interested in backpacking, camping, hiking or canoeing.  You’re new to this, or maybe have a little experience, and are nervously eager to begin.  Maybe you’ve seen a few movies.  Maybe you’ve seen a few YouTube videos or read a few books.  As that is all well and good, nothing beats real experience.  Nothing is better than trudging to the chosen destination and taking off your pack, and the joy of feeling, “We made it!”

“We made it!”  or if you are brave enough to take your first adventure alone “I made it!”  Drop the pack, sit on a rock or a log, and take 5 minutes to soak up the moment,  There is still a lot of work to be done, but getting there was half the fun.

What season is it? What time of day is it?  How are the bug conditions?  How trail beat are you?  Assess, sort your priorities, and get on it.  Fire, Food, Water, Shelter, What does this day require to be done first.  Are there many hands?  Can the jobs be delegated to different people?  Someone fetch water, someone fetch firewood, someone set up the shelter, or each for her and himself.

I have many stories to share.  I have many ideas to develop.  I have skills that require honing.  Wanna join in my adventures?

Let’s Go!!!


Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.  I will respond, your feedback is valuable to me.

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